Haggis Ready to ‘Dishonor’ WB

Paul Haggis, the man behind the Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby is ready to pen the script for the drama Death and Dishonor, but this time instead of only scribbling down the words, the writer will also be directing the pic.

The film will be based on a Mark Boal investigative article that appeared in Playboy last summer. The story is a gritty fact-based drama about a career officer’s search for his soldier son. The youth, who was reported AWOL after returning from the frontlines of Baghdad, was murdered by several members of his platoon after a night of rowdiness in Georgia.

Haggis will also fictionalize the story into a topical murder mystery that will not shy away from Boal’s reports of the horrific battlefield experiences that hardened Davis and fellow soldiers. He also mentioned that he has an eye to design a major character for Clint Eastwood to play, just as he wrote Million Dollar Baby with Eastwood in mind for the lead role.

This will not mark Haggis’ directing debut as he also wrote and directed the upcoming feature Crash, which hits theaters on May 6th featuring a huge ensemble cast.


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