Jackson Talks His Fate in ‘Star Wars: Episode III’

Sam Jackson is enjoying box-office success this week as his new film, Coach Carter, opened in the number one spot at the box-office bringing in just over $23 million, but his future is where the money lies as the final Episode in the Star Wars movie franchise hits theaters in May, Star Wars: Episode III, Revenge of the Sith.

If you liked to be slightly spoiled then this news is for you as Jackson revealed the fate of his Star Wars character, Mace Windu, in an article with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jackson told the paper Mace Windu will be granted a suitable exit for a Jedi knight. Apparently the thesp had concerns over the demise of his character and the resulting death scene but George Lucas assured the actor that he would go out in a blaze of glory, and the director made good on his promise.

“It’s rousing,” Jackson told the Chronicle. “It’s a great light-saber battle with 102 moves in three big rooms.”

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