Another film I was late in seeing and even tossed my own $7.00 at to check out is Sideways. I had heard so much praise for this film and it was consistently showing up at the tops of critics’ lists as one of the best films of 2004 who was I to say no?

Already earning seven Golden Globe nominations Sideways is definitely the quirky film of the year as it tells the story of two middle-aged men looking for love on a wine-soaked holiday in California, serving as a bachelor party for one and a search for a new beginning for another.

While I wasn’t as overwhelmingly impressed with this film as it seems others were there are certainly some things to pay definite attention to, starting with the acting.

Oscar talk is already buzzing and with seven Golden Globe noms it isn’t surprising. Three of those noms focused on acting starting with Paul Giamatti whom received much acclaim for the small film American Splendor last year and in Sideways it is everything you would expect from the thesp, just as it is no surprise that Virginia Madsen delivers such a strong performance, but I don’t think either one are going to be frontrunners for Oscar.

Where that opinion changes is with Thomas Haden Church, yup, Lowell Mather from the 1990 television series “Wings” is making a run at Oscar and has already been nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance. Previously known as a comedic actor Church delivers a humorous, yet touching performance that has everything Oscar looks for in a Supporting Actor but the competition is going to be tough. There should be a nom in Church’s future but the top prize may not be in the cards.

Aside from acting all the other talk is directed squarely at writer/director Alexander Payne whose adapted screenplay from the Rex Pickett novel is certain to be one of the front runners for Best Adapted Screenplay and Payne is also going to be amongst names such as Eastwood, Nichols and Scorsese for Best Director.

While Sideways has created quite a stir, and does have a lot to talk about, I don’t believe the top prizes are going to be coming its way.

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