‘Blade’ Spinoff and ‘Freddy vs. Jason 2’ On Hold… for Now


The cool horror site, CreatureCorner, had a chance to speak with New Line Cinema’s Toby Emmerich to talk about the chances of a Blade spinoff focusing on the Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel characters, a.k.a. The Nightstalkers, and what the deal was with the long talked about Freddy vs. Jason 2 possibilities.

So what was the answer?

Well, Emmerich was reported as saying, “There are no plans for another Freddy Vs. Jason film right now… There are no plans right now for a Nightstalkers film until I see how well Blade: Trinity does on video.”

Seeing how Trinity didn’t exactly fare too well at the box-office you can consider the Nightstalkers spin-off as “up in the air,” but you never know about the state of FvJ 2, the film may still have life in it yet.

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