Shyamalan Reworking The Green Effect


Variety reports that when writer/director M. Night Shyamalan traveled from Philadelphia to Hollywood recently to cement his plan to turn the cartoon “Avatar: The Last Airbender” into a live-action film for Paramount, he and his new CAA representatives showed several studios a new script he’s written.

Called The Green Effect, the film is about a large-scale, cataclysmic environmental crisis that turns into a struggle by mankind to overcome nature.

The unveiling of the script did not immediately create a green effect for Shyamalan, adds the trade, as no studio liked it enough to take it off the table. Studios are understandably wary, since Shyamalan is coming off the first failure of his career, Lady in the Water.

Shyamalan walked away from his round of meetings with ideas and notes and has gone home to do a rewrite. He will return within a month, armed with a script that will bear a new title, along with a cast and budget.

If the revamp scores Shyamalan a deal, he’ll likely make the film before the “Avatar” pic.