Jennifer Garner to Star in Juno


Catch and Release star Jennifer Garner tells that her next project is the Jason Reitman-directed comedy, Juno, co-starring Ellen Page.

“It’s this wonderful script that I have been waiting for to come together for the past year and when Jason came onto it, I was so excited,” Garner said. “I’m so excited they asked me to be in it and I have a small role. I’m only working a couple weeks and it’s just cool.”

Garner added the the film was “written by this kooky woman named Diablo Cody. Have you ever heard of her? She just decided randomly to become a stripper for a year. It isn’t about that but you could look her up. She’s pretty funny. Anyway, her personality infuses the whole script so it’s going to be fun.”

The former “Alias” star will “play a woman who can’t have children and who is wanting to adopt.”

Filming starts this February in Vancouver.