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Prey Photo Shows New Look at Predator’s New Design

We’re less than a month out from Prey, the Predator prequel that dives into the history of how an intergalactic warrior ended up in the jungles of Central America. It also pairs the hunter against a new combatant, a Comanche warrior going against her tribe’s wishes to hunt down the threat. A shot shared via Empire gives us our first look at this film’s version of the Predator, a stripped-down look that fits in with the film’s timeframe centuries before the Arnold Schwarzenegger original.

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Franchise fans quickly pointed out the similarities between this new Predator and the costume used early in the original production by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Van Damme was the original choice to portray the Predator on-screen, contrasting his acrobatic speed against Arnold’s rough and tumble brutality. Eventually, producers decided to give the alien a more imposing physique, and actor Keven Peter Hall ended up under the mask and pitted against Dutch’s elite rescue team in the final film.

Built from the ground up as a return to the series’ roots, Prey pivots on a final confrontation that promises to be as intense as the 80s original. The Predator hasn’t yet become acclimated to its surroundings, leaving it at a disadvantage compared to Comanche protagonist Naru. The film will undoubtedly also draw parallels to the rest of the franchise, hopefully serving as a treat for those still on board with this fifth film entry.

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Premiering on August 5, Prey is the first Predator outing for the Disney-owned 20th Century Studios. Despite some worrying when the Fox acquisition was first underway, the film was designed as an R-rated experience. Of course, that means that, following a limited theatrical run, the film will drop on Hulu rather than Disney+. It’s unclear what Disney’s plans are for Predator following Prey’s release, although the alien’s recent debut in Marvel comics suggests some future for this alien menace in the magic kingdom.


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