Archie Will Soon Meet the Predator at Dark Horse Comics

There have been many Predator crossovers since the movie character landed at Dark Horse Comics. Now, the galaxy’s fiercest hunter will meet America’s favorite teen.
Dark Horse announced at the New York Comic-Con that in 2015 it will bring you: Archie Meets Predator.

With writer Alex de Campi (Grindhouse, Lady Zorro, Smoke/Ashes) at the helm, and with artist Fernando Ruiz, things are going to get wild quick.

Shane Black’s Predator Film is a Sequel After All

It looks like a ranted too soon? This week brought about Predator reboot news which lead many of us to believe that 20th Century Fox, co-writer/director Shane Black and writer Fred Dekker were going to start from scratch. In an editorial I scribbled shortly after this announcement, I lamented the demise of the challenge that came with fashioning a good sequel. Especially making a good one in the wake of an unsuccessful sequel.