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Wayne T. Carr Shares Green Lantern Photo From Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The iconic superhero Green Lantern was initially set to appear in Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League, but was eventually cut from the film. Now, actor Wayne T. Carr has taken to social media to share what he would have looked like.

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Carr shared the photograph along with a message asking for the “SnyderVerse” to be restored and a second and third Justice League to be made. The photograph he shared is the same one that Snyder shared during a screening for the film in 2021, giving fans the chance to see Carr as John Stewart.

Initially, Snyder wanted to use Green Lantern in the Justice League epilogue instead of Martian Manhunter but eventually changed it, as HBO is also in the process of working on its own Green Lantern project. Carr has also spoken in the past about the chance to play Green Lantern, noting that Snyder was unsure if they would be allowed to use him in the film but wanted to try anyway.

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“[Zack] said, ‘We’re going to shoot it, we’ll see what the studio says,’” the Green Lantern actor told the LightCast in 2021. “This is kind of crazy because we shot it in what I’m going to call ‘Driveway Studios.’ He called me after he showed it to everyone. I think it was the second time because they had watched it in parts. He was like, ‘They’re not letting me do this thing.’

“When I saw the full vision, I went through the journey like everybody went through the journey. Towards the end, I realized, ‘Ugh. I’m not a part of this. Darn. The thing that kind of just warmed my heart was once all of the concept art and stuff started to drop. It’s been nothing but love from the fans, man. Like, I wasn’t even in the movie, and I’m just getting positive feedback from people and support. It’s super crazy. It’s absolutely crazy, but I love it.”


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