Netflix's Back to the Outback Gets New Teaser, Official Release Date

Netflix’s Back to the Outback Gets New Teaser, Official Release Date

The first official teaser trailer for Netflix’s Back to the Outback has been released, highlighting some of the characters the audience will meet in the film as well as a premiere date, which is December 10.

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The teaser doesn’t really showcase any footage from the movie, instead opting to introduce a handful of the animal characters that will appear in the film by showing them dancing along to a song. You can check out the new teaser below:

Back to the Outback stars Isla Fisher, Tim Minchin, Eric Bana, Guy Pearce, Miranda Tapsell, Angus Imrie, Keith Urban, and Jacki Weaver, and is directed by Clare Knight and Harry Cripps.

“Tired of being locked in a reptile house where humans gawk at them like they’re monsters, a ragtag group of Australia’s deadliest creatures plot a daring escape from their zoo to the Outback, a place where they’ll fit in without being judged for their scales and fangs,” reads the official synopsis for the film.

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“Leading the group is Maddie (Isla Fisher), a poisonous snake with a heart of gold, who bands together with a self-assured Thorny Devil lizard Zoe (Miranda Tapsell), a lovelorn hairy spider Frank (Guy Pearce), and a sensitive scorpion Nigel (Angus Imrie). But when their nemesis — Pretty Boy (Tim Minchin), a cute but obnoxious koala — unexpectedly joins their escape, Maddie and the gang have no choice but to take him with them.”


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