David Spade Confirms a Sequel to Joe Dirt is in Development


Though he has appeared in a number of other films in addition to “Saturday Night Live,” it became pretty apparent what many people know comedian David Spade for as the top ranked questions on his recent Reddit AMA were about the 2001 comedy Joe Dirt. What will delight fans of the film the most though, is that during the question and answer session Spade took the time to announce they’re developing a sequel to the movie.

“We wrote a sequel, and we may wind up doing it on Crackle.com, because they want to be the first web address to do a sequel to a movie. Because Sony owns them, and it’s a Sony movie. We’re trying to find a way to make it for the budget, but we really want to do it. And keep it good.”

Spade went on to say that they’re still working out the logistics of the sequel, not only for budgetary reasons but also as a way to not disappoint fans of the movie.

“We’re putting it together now and seeing if we can keep it as funny and with the music we like for a lower budget. All the movies you hear about being made now keep running into budget problems, this and that, and it sounds boring, but it’s just a new world, where they can’t make those $15-30 million comedies anymore. It’s either $3 million or $200 million, there’s almost no in-between, so everyone’s adjusting to either a summer tentpole Avengers-type movie, or learning to get down and dirty and gritty and making a smaller movie. I just don’t want to burn the fans and want to make it good, so me and the other writer are combing through the sequel and trying to make it make sense and have good music and be funny within the parameters. So hopefully it will be soon, or it will be too pointless.”

The actor also confirmed that should the sequel get the green light, he would like to have co-stars Kid Rock and Christopher Walken return to their respective roles.