We Can Be Heroes Sequel in Development at Netflix with Robert Rodriguez

We Can Be Heroes Sequel in Development at Netflix with Robert Rodriguez

The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Netflix is developing a sequel to Robert Rodriguez’s superhero family movie We Can Be Heroes with the director, writer, and producer returning to helm the project.

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The streaming service revealed that 44 million households viewed We Can Be Heroes in its first 28 days on Netflix. According to the outlet, Netflix’s holiday viewership numbers revealed that Christmas week in 2020 was the streamer’s biggest on record.

In We Can Be Heroes, when alien invaders kidnap Earth’s superheroes, their kids are whisked away to a government safe house. But whip-smart tween Missy Moreno (Yaya Gosselin) will stop at nothing to rescue her superhero dad, Marcus Moreno (Pedro Pascal). Missy teams up with the rest of the superkids to escape their mysterious government babysitter, Ms. Granada (Priyanka Chopra Jonas). If they’re going to save their parents, they’ll have to work together by using their individual powers — from elasticity to time control to predicting the future — and form an out-of-this-world team.

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The movie stars YaYa Gosselin (The Purge), Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), Priyanka Chopra Jonas (Quantico), Golden Globe winner Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Christopher McDonald (Ballers), and Oscar nominee Adriana Barraza (Babel), along with Vivien Blair (Bird Box), Isaiah Russell-Bailey (Family Reunion), Akira Akbar (Captain Marvel), Lyon Daniels (Patriot), Nathan Blair (Best. Work. Weekend. Ever.), Lotus Blossom (Magic Max), Hala Finley (Man with a Plan), Andy Walken (The Kids Are Alright), Dylan Henry Lau (Here and Now), Andrew Diaz (The Kid’s New Years Party!), Taylor Dooley (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D), Sung Kang (F9), Haley Reinhart (F Is for Family), Brittany Perry-Russell (Family Reunion), and Brently Heilbron (Red 11).

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We Can Be Heroes is written, directed, and produced by Rodriguez (Spy KidsMacheteSin City, Alita: Battle Angel).