Fifth Insidious Film on the Way With Patrick Wilson Directing in Feature Debut!

Fifth Insidious Film on the Way With Patrick Wilson Directing in Debut!

After word circled from the star and franchise lead Lin Shaye (The Call) through this year, it’s now been confirmed that a fifth installment in the Leigh Whannell-created Insidious horror franchise is on the way with Patrick Wilson (Aquaman) both reprising his role as Josh Lambert as well as making his directorial debut!

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“From the directing side, if you told me a few years ago, ‘Do you want your directorial debut to be a horror movie?’ I’d have said, ‘No, it’s not me,'” Wilson expressed during the film’s panel. “A lot of that is out of fear, because I’ve been sitting next to James Wan for a long time now and what I realized was that if I found the right story to tell, it didn’t matter which genre. When this opportunity presented itself, thanks to Jason, Leigh, James and everyone else involved, I realized this is the exact debut that I want to make as a director, the exact people that I want to make it with and the exact story. We rarely get the opportunity to come back 10 years later, especially if you think about the lore of Insidious and this family, specifically me and Tye, our characters being hypnotized, what does that do to a family after 10 years, how often do you get to come back, even as actors, and unpack that, so the director side of me said, ‘Hang on, this is a fantastic idea, I would love to jump at this,’ because if there’s one thing James told me, it was ‘Find a story that you want to tell,’ and when Leigh had presented this idea, I thought the bones of it I latched on to.”

Announced as part of Blumhouse Productions’ special digital event BlumFest, it was confirmed that Wilson will return alongside on-screen son Dalton Lambert (Ty Simpkins, Jurassic World) and will see the story pick up a decade after the events of their last outing, Chapter 2, with Dalton heading off to college and coming to grips with his astral projection abilities as well as growing up. For the first time in the franchise, the script will not be penned by creator/star Whannell but instead by Scott Teems (Halloween Kills) on a story from The Invisible Man writer/director, with Jason Blum also revealing a planned 2022 theatrical release for the film.

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The first film hit theaters in April 2011 and was a major success, earning generally positive reviews from critics and audiences and scaring up just under $100 million at the box office. Its success not only helped revive Wan’s and writer Leigh Whannell’s careers but also helped Blumhouse Productions continue their rise to its current mammoth status of box office champion.


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