The Walt Disney Studios Breaks Own Domestic Box Office Record


On Saturday, December 14, The Walt Disney Studios reached a new all-time high at the domestic box office, breaking the company’s previous record of $1.547 billion set in 2012. The accomplishment makes 2013 a landmark year for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, which has already surpassed all previous years at both the international and global box office.

“We had an incredible collection of films in 2013 and our teams here and around the world worked very hard to bring these wonderful experiences to audiences,” said Alan Horn, Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios. “As a result we are having a banner year at the domestic, international, and global box office, and we are very proud of this tremendous accomplishment and the people who made it possible.”

In July, Disney was the first studio to reach the $1 billion domestic box office milestone for the year, a threshold it has achieved for eight consecutive years. In August, in company record time, Disney reached the $2 billion international box office threshold for the fourth year in a row, and in November the studio surpassed its previous all-time international record of $2.302 billion as well as its previous all-time global record of $3.791 billion, both set in 2010. Most recently, the studio surpassed $1.5 billion at the domestic box office in a company record 340 days.

The Walt Disney Studios’ box office results this year have been primarily driven by the following releases:

Marvel’s Iron Man 3 – opened domestically May 3 with $174.1M, the second-highest opening of all time, and has amassed over $1.215B worldwide, including $409M domestic and $806.3M international, to become the year’s top-grossing film and the only billion-dollar film of the year. Fifth-highest grossing film of all time globally.
Disney•Pixar’s Monsters University – opened domestically June 21 with $82.4M, the second-highest Pixar debut ever, and has earned $744.9M worldwide, including $268.5M domestic and $476.4M international. Currently the #4 film globally and internationally and the #5 film domestically for the year. Pixar’s third-highest grossing film ever worldwide.
Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World – opened domestically November 8 with $85.7M, and has earned $621.2M worldwide, including $198.2M domestic and $423M international. Currently the #8 film globally, #5 internationally, and #11 domestically for the year. Still in release.
Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful – opened domestically March 8 with $79.1M, and has earned $493.3M worldwide, including $234.9M domestic and $258.4M international. Currently the #8 film domestically and the #11 film globally for the year.
Disney’s Frozen – Opened domestically in wide release November 27 with a Thanksgiving record $93.6M over the five-day holiday period and Walt Disney Animations Studios’ biggest opening ever, and has earned $268.5M worldwide, including $164.8M domestic and $103.7M international, with much of the international market yet to roll out. Still in release.

The studio’s final 2013 release, Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks, opened in limited release December 13 and expands nationwide on December 20.