Original Predator Script Getting the Dark Horse Comic Book Treatment

Original Predator Script “Hunter” Getting the Dark Horse Comic Book Treatment

Here’s some fun news: according to SyFy Wire, the original Predator script, written by James E. Thomas and John C. Thomas, and titled Hunter, is getting a five-issue Dark Horse comic adaptation!

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In an alternate universe, Predator, the 1987 sci-fi action film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and a stellar supporting cast, was a very different movie. And finally, much like Dark Horse’s recent adaptation of William Gibson’s unused Alien 3 script, we’re gonna see what could have been. Obviously, the final product released in theaters is a genuine classic, but it’s still cool to see another take on the story.

“There’s excitement in seeing what might have been,” said Jeremy Barlow, who will adapt the script alongside Patrick Blaine and Andy Owens. “The bones of Predator are there, but the original idea was so different and in some ways, much deeper than what the movie became — and we lean hard into those differences.” 

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Predator follows an elite military rescue team on a mission to save hostages from a guerrilla-held territory in Central America. Their mission takes a turn when a technologically advanced extra-terrestrial being begins hunting them, leading to the ultimate confrontation between man and beast. John McTiernan directed the film, which went on to gross $98.3 million in the United States and spawn a long-running franchise.


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