The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising : The Interviews


A little over four months ago, visited the Bucharest, Romania sets of Fox Walden’s adaptation of Susan Cooper’s “The Dark Is Rising”, now dubbed The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising. We’ve already run our interview with actor Christopher Eccleston who plays The Rider, the film’s primary bad guy, and our full set visit, but we left MediaPro Studios with so many great interviews that we couldn’t deprive readers of reading all about this amazing epic adventure from those making it.

We had a chance to talk to the primary cast including Alexander Ludwig, who makes his big screen debut as the film’s main character Will Stanton, a 14-year-old boy who discovers he has amazing powers that he’ll need to fight in an ancient battle against the forces of The Dark; Ian McShane and Frances Conroy who play Merriman Lyon and Miss Greythorne, the Old Ones who help Will learn to use his new powers, as well as director David Cunningham (“The Path to 9/11”).

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Alexander Ludwig is Will Stanton

Ian McShane is Merriman Lyon

Frances Conroy is Miss Greythorne

Director David Cunningham

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising opens everywhere on October 5.

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