best films within films

The 10 Best Movies Within a Movie is getting meta and compiling the very best movies about moviemaking that feature movies within a movie. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Movies about movies are never not a hit with critics and audiences alike. This umbrella includes movies that feature films-within-films, which often lampoon or parody famous films or serve to be allusions to the way the film industry is headed at whatever point in time the actual movie was made. No matter what the reason, they often prove to be really fun sequences contained within a really fun films.

From Joe Dante to Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson to David Lynch, Tim and Eric to Francois Truffaut, films-within-films can end up being the true standouts of the films they’re encapsulated in. Whether they’re intended to be humorous or simply a framing device within a film about a film, one thing can be certain: they’re such a treat on-screen and a real opportunity for the filmmaker(s) to air their grievances about the process of moviemaking as a whole. After all is said and done, these are the best films-within-films.


Marvel and DC