5 Indie Movies From Go-To Disney Filmmakers

5 indie movies from go-to Disney filmmakers

Comingsoon.net is going back to the beginning to find some great early work from some of Disney’s most prominent names today. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

As of late, Disney’s production model seems to revolve around snatching up small-time filmmakers and launching them to immense success by handing them blank checks to direct the studio’s latest tentpoles. From Marvel to Star Wars to their live-action remakes of their animated classics, Walt Disney Studios has filmmakers this strategy again and again across the board. Clearly it’s something that they feel is working quite well.

While these little indie directors might’ve moved onto bigger (not necessarily better) things, it’s worth looking back on the movies that got them the job in the first place. A lot of Disney’s current output is curated for the masses, while the early output from their new go-to filmmakers proves to be a lot more formally interesting. You might be surprised just how great their earlier work is.