The 10 Best Movies About Nerds


best movies about nerds

The 10 best movies about nerds is skipping sports tryouts to spend the summer reading about cinema’s greatest nerds. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

An audience connecting with a film’s lead is all but required to have a good moviegoing experience. Oftentimes, this is achieved by utilizing the concept of a hapless, lowly main character. Nerds make perfect leads for this exact reason: everyone knows a nerd (or is a nerd, or was a nerd), which means everyone is able to relate to a nerd in some way or another.

However, a nerd isn’t always a taped-up-glasses wearing, button-up clad social outcast—in fact, movie nerds have come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From billionaires to superheroes to treasure hunters to world-savers, nerds make for some of the most compelling main characters imaginable.