The 10 Least Ethical Superheroes in Movies


RANKED: The 10 Least Ethical Superheroes in Movies

The 10 Least Ethical Superheroes in Movies

Superheros are running rampant at the multiplex, but just how morally sound are today’s cinematic heroes? It’s no fun just to point out who the most holier-than-thou heroes are (we’re looking at you, Steve Rogers), so decided to rank The 10 Least Ethical Superheroes in Movies, which you can see in the gallery below!

This article ties in with the recent release of the Templeton Press book Superhero Ethics: 10 Comic Books Heroes; 10 Ways to Save the World; Which One Do We Need Most Now? by Travis Smith. As the audience response to this year’s Avengers: Infinity War shows, millions of people around the world are heavily invested in the motivations, decisions, and destinies of their favorite superheroes. These characters speak to people in profound ways that are often underappreciated.

Throughout the book, Smith frames his analysis around a single question: Which superhero embodies the kind of ethical character we should strive to emulate in today’s society? He arrives at his choice by structuring the book as a contest. He takes ten top superheroes and pits them one against another, chapter by chapter. The hero who better exemplifies how we ought to live advances to the final round. By the end of the book, a single superhero emerges victorious and is crowned most exemplary for our times.

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What do you think of our ranking of The 10 Least Ethical Superheroes in Movies? Which characters did we omit? Let us know in the comments below!