5 Best Science Fiction Movies of the Decade


5 Best Science Fiction Movies of the Decade

What is science fiction? It is difficult to say. Indeed, it is one of the slipperiest genres in film. If you take at face value that anything that features a yet-to-exist technology, then science fiction encompasses a great many films. By that logic, is Jon Favreau’s Iron Man a science fiction film? What about Louis Leterrier’s The Incredible Hulk or Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man? Where does one draw the line between science fiction and fantasy and comic book movie? And what about Star Wars and its many sequels? Those films seem to have one foot comfortably placed in each camp. Same for films like Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar, which are ostensibly science fiction films with fantastical finales.

These questions do not have simple answers. In fact, it is also important to ask whether this is even a useful exercise. You may not feel it to be something worth doing, and you may not be alone in that sentiment. But we are humans. As such, we like to categorize. It helps make the unrelenting flow of information more easily digestible to our powerful but temperamental minds. In that regard, to validate the existence of genre is undeniably worthwhile. As the 2010s move ever closer to their demise, we saw fit to look back at the films that could be reasonably categorized as science fiction from the past decade and determine which ones we deem to be the most worthwhile, whatever that precisely means to you. 

So check out our slideshow below! Did we miss any of your favorites? Be sure to let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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