5 Major Roles Played By Multiple Actors


Roles by multiple actors

5 major roles played by multiple actors

Comingsoon.net is taking a look at franchises that have continued on by recasting their lead actors. Take a look at our picks in the gallery below!

Now more than ever, moviegoers understand the staying power of a recognizable and beloved franchise. Naturally, though, actors age and filmmakers get tired and ideas run dry. So, the next logical step is to either start over—whether that’s a soft reboot or a complete overhaul—or recast.

With reboots and recasts alike, viewers must set aside what they remember about the actor who played the role before and surrender to the new interpretation of the same character. It’s an incredibly strange phenomenon, but it happens more than you might think. From superheroes to action stars, detectives to spies, these are five roles played by multiple actors.