The 5 Best Movie Mutants That Aren’t In The X-Men

The 5 best movie mutants that aren’t in the X-Men isn’t feeling so well… while we try and reverse this mutation, let’s take a look at the best movie mutants that aren’t a part of the X-Men. Check out our selections in the gallery below!

Over the past twenty years, the definition of “mutant” has lived and died with the X-Men. When thinking of a mutant, the mind immediately goes to the likes of Wolverine (or Deadpool). In the wake of Dark Phoenix and the end of the X-Men franchise as we know it now upon us, it’s important to reclaim “mutant” from these superheroes and redefine it: anything that’s been meddled with, modified, or mixed up, either genetically or medically, qualifies as a mutant.

When thinking of mutants with this full definition in mind, the possibilities seem endless. Cyborgs, botched experiments, resurrected creatures… the list goes on and on (not here, though—our list stops at 10). With this in mind, these are the best (non-X-Men) mutants in film.