The Rambo Franchise Ranked


rambo franchise ranked

The Rambo franchise ranked can’t wait for Rambo: Last Blood, so we’re ranking all the previous entries so far. Check out our take in the gallery below!

Sylvester Stallone is and has always been one of the hardest-working actor-writer-producers in Hollywood. Dating all the way back to his earliest hit, Rocky, Stallone has managed to craft multiple franchises almost entirely on his own. He’s painted himself as an action star, an American champion, and a war hero throughout the past few decades, and the one we’re focusing on right now is the last of those three: Green Beret John Rambo.

Unlike how the Rocky movies and the Expendables movies increased in absurdity as they went along without really sacrificing any quality, the Rambo franchise escalated things from the very beginning—when your starting-off point is a movie about a man who takes on an entire police force, it’s hard to stay grounded going forward. Future installments kept raising the stakes, but Rambo remains the hero he’s always been.