Actors Who Have Taken On Characters Made Iconic By Other Actors is taking a look at some iconic characters who have been played by different actors. Check out our picks in the gallery below!

These days, a good idea seems hard to come by. Hollywood has gotten into the unfortunate habit of recycling old ideas—If it worked once surely it’ll work again. This philosophy is applied to movie and television remakes and reboots regularly. Filmmakers simply rework an idea, cast an in-demand actor or actress (in a role that was once inhabited by a previously in-demand thespian) and voilà. Younger audiences won’t even know it’s being done.
When this process is done well, moviegoers are treated to not one, but two iconic performances. The original and the remake are both something to adore. Over the course of cinematic history, many iconic characters have been recast and recast well.  Here is a look at those characters as well as their history in cinema.


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