7 Movies About Doubles To Watch Before Gemini Man Hits Theaters


7 Movies About Doubles To Watch Before 'Gemini Man' Hits Theaters

7 Movies About Doubles To Watch Before Gemini Man Hits Theaters

We at Comingsoon.net are rather psyched for Ang Lee‘s upcoming film Gemini Man, and we assume you, dear reader, are also looking forward to Lee’s latest. As it covers the subject of doubles, we have compiled for you a list of our favorite movies about doubles for you to peruse. Go on and give it a look, dear reader! Check out our whole slideshow below, and do not forget to let us know your feelings in the comments! Be sure to let us know if we missed any of your favorites!

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There is an unnerving, strange or otherwise interesting nature to doubles. It seems unnatural, does it not? The idea of a perfect or near-perfect copy. How can you tell which is which? Who is who? Distrust, deception, confusion abound with the subject of doubles or clones, but twins can also be the dominion of comedy and zany mix-ups. All of these find representation in our list.

Whether an emotional or literal duality, they are often the subject of cinema—through a wide variety of camera tricks. Every film fan can recall the chilling nature of the twins in The Shining. A new entry to the world of doubles is Ang Lee’s forthcoming movie Gemini Man. The film will pit Will Smith against a digitally de-aged version himself. While we wait in excited anticipation here is our definitive list of seven of the best films to watch on the subject of doubles.