5 best david duchovny movies

David Duchovny’s Five Best Roles

ComingSoon.net is counting down the five best roles from X-Files star David Duchovny, who was launched as a household name by the Fox sci-fi series. Check out our choices in the gallery below!

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Known best for playing two very different detectives, David Duchovny is at home on television but has several worthwhile feature films to his name, too. An unconventional heartthrob from the late 20th century, Duchovny was only made cooler by his side jobs as a singer-songwriter and novelist. Now, decades after his big break, Duchovny remains a genuinely cool guy with a great on-screen presence.

In addition to acting, singing, and writing songs and movies, Duchovny also finds time to produce and direct his own work. He’s the rightful owner of a couple Golden Globe awards, the star of more than a few films, and a cult TV icon, but nothing is as impressive as how well he manages to juggle all these different occupations so smoothly. Whatever he ends up doing next, you can be sure that these are his five best roles.


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