Exclusive: Jason Statham Talks Fast & Furious 7


In case you’re one of the eight people who hasn’t seen Fast & Furious 6 yet, then let it be known that none other than cockney ass-kicker Jason Statham (Crank, The Expendables, The Transporter) cameos at the end as Ian Shaw, the brother of villain Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). He blows up Han (Sung Kang) in an event that ties into “Tokyo Drift,” which featured a cameo from Vin Diesel looking to get some revenge for his dead buddy.

At a press day for his upcoming gritty indie flick Redemption, we got to ask Statham about the audience reaction to his appearance and the promise of what lies ahead for him and director James Wan on Fast & Furious 7.

ComingSoon.net: Are you aware that your cameo in “Fast & Furious 6” is making people go BALLISTIC?
Jason Statham:
Is that right? They go nuts for that, yeah?

CS: Is it gratifying to know that your mug for five seconds can bring the house down like that?
It’s fantastic. A lot of people have said it today and I’m like, “Really? Is everyone outside saying the same thing?” You must be number ten who said it today, they say it goes nuts. That’s just the best news I’ve ever heard, it’s fantastic to hear that!

CS: In “Fast 7” you and James Wan are gonna be the new kids on the block. How do you infuse new energy in a series with that big of a number in the title?
Yeah, it’s daunting. I can’t wait to sit with James. I just wrapped a movie over in Vegas, so I haven’t had a chance to sit with James. We’ve had a couple phone calls, I’m dying to sit down with him and we’re gonna figure something out. I’m really excited to be a part of that franchise.

CS: Will you use what your onscreen brother Luke Evans did as a template or are you gonna be your own beast?
I’m gonna do what I do. (laughs) Obviously we’re trying to work out now what angle to come from. Some people say, “Wait, are you gonna be the villain? The guy who threatens the world and wants to blow everything up?” No. “What kind of an antagonist are you gonna be?” I’m not gonna say what I’m gonna be. The spoilers are the worst, when people already know what you’re gonna do when you come and do it. “You told us last year that’s what you was gonna do and so you did it.” I’m gonna try and keep my mouth shut and not say what I’m gonna be doing.

CS: Can you just signal me to let me know if you and Vin Diesel are gonna knock your bald heads together at some point? Is that gonna happen?
(laughs) We’ll have to wait and see. (laughs) I’m sure that’s what they want me to say.

CS: Is production of that going to interfere with “Expendables 3”?
No, we’ve worked it out. I’m gonna be able to do the two back-to-back. Let’s just say for the next seven weeks I’m gonna do nothing. I’m gonna lay on my back and do nothing, and then go to work. It’s great to have two ensemble pieces where the weight’s not on my shoulders, it’s just gonna have a little fun and enjoy myself.

Fast & Furious 7 is scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2014.