EuroObscura Brings European Horror to Cannes

EuroObscura brings a slate of scary European horror titles to Cannes 2017

Fledgling European horror imprint EuroObscura has just announced that they will be bringing a pack of films to Cannes, two of which are Market Premieres. First up is Landing Lake, a sci/fi horror from the UK, directed by Italian Cesare Pollacci Libardi Di K., and it will be screened on May 17th. The story revolves around a mysterious mountain lake where a UFO crashed in the past and fast than you can say The Thing, bloody horror ensues. Victoire Vecchierini and Emma Bown star in the movie, that was shot in Super35mm.

Also presented in Cannes, Dark Show by French director Olivier Parthonnaud. This found footage horror takes place on the set of a reality TV show gone wrong. Terribly wrong, as the participants will find themselves chased by a psychopath dressed like a Knight Templar from the 12th Century. Starring Joanne McCallin, Matthew Mellalieu and Malcolm Conrath, Dark Show had a theatrical release in France last November and it’s aiming at international sales.

The Marché Du Film of Cannes will start on the 17th of May. EuroObscura will attend the market and handle the sales for both movies. Have a glance at the gallery below and check out the full slate of titles from EuroObscura. It’s exciting to note that European horror still has a pulse, that a new wave of indie filmmakers in Italy, France and elsewhere are following in the footsteps of their forefathers like Jean Rollin, Jess Franco and Lucio Fulci and making earthy, weird and blood entertainments. Kudos to EuroObscura for keeping the fearful flame burning!


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