Cannes 2016: Refn Defends THE NEON DEMON; Trashes von Trier



Director speaks at Cannes press conference for THE NEON DEMON.

Danish auteur Nicolas Winding Refn went all punk rock confrontational at today’s Cannes press conference for his hotly-anticipated designer horror movie THE NEON DEMON, a film that – typical for Refn – is receiving mixed critical and audience response.

When asked about his fellow Danish arthouse movie maverick Lars von Trier (ANTICHRIST), Refn called him “over the hill” and claimed that von Trier has “done a lot of drugs”.

He also implied that von Trier once put the moves on Refn’s wife but that von Trier eventually “found some other slut”.

Knowing Refn and von Trier and seeing as though they’ve had other battles of words in the press before, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if these comments were said in an attempt to get sensational ink – like the click bait you’re reading, in fact! – and promote both filmmaker’s careers.

Either way, it sure makes for some entertaining copy!

As to critical accusations that THE NEON DEMON is a good-looking but empty movie, Refn claimed the film represents “Fuck the establishment youth culture”.

“Art is not about good or bad, guys,” he said. “Those days are over.”

We’re psyched to see THE NEON DEMON. Are you?

The film opens June 24th of this year via Amazon Studios and Broad Green Pictures.

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