Exclusive: Latefox Pictures Begins The End is the End

Exclusive: Latefox Pictures Begins The End is the End

From the makers of The Demolisher comes The End is the End

The creative team that brought you the award-winning vigilante shocker The Demolisher (read our review of the new Dark Sky Blu-ray here) are at it again and we have the exclusive news and first photos from the project.

Latefox Pictures and Bad Radical Films announced today the production of The End is The End, a grim, stylish thriller, has begun shooting and will continue to shoot in Canada over the winter.

Synopsis: After witnessing a gruesome satanic cult sacrifice of a young girl, a lonesome security guard slowly begins to lose his focus on reality. A group of dark entities begin a relentless man hunt, and propel the guard into a nightmarish world. Is the guard losing his mind or does the cult have supreme plans for his fate?

Producers Duane Frey and Andrew Bussey are spearheading the film with their directorial efforts that require an extensive shooting schedule that spans across the course of eight months. The reason? The physical changes the main characters undergo throughout the story and the involvement of seasonal changes. The film is being scored by Cole Sefton from the band Glass Face.

Though the team are being pretty secretive about the project, we managed to get our hands on the two photos from the shoot. Have a look below and stay tuned for more on this film as it develops.