Reel Gore Lets Loose The Orphan Killer

Modern gore classic The Orphan Killer coming from Reel Gore Releasing

Reel Gore Releasing are fast becoming the heroes of indie splatter, releasing notorious international titles in souped up, extras packed editions whose beauty help disguise the superlative smut inside.

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Now, the company — founded by Cult Epics Nico B and 8 Films’ Steve Aquilina — have announced plans to release director Matt Farnsworth’s controversial hack-em-up slasher psycho-thriller The Orphan Killer in a deluxe DVD/Blu-ray combo pack with a glut of gruesome features.

The films tells the troubled tale of orphans Audrey and her brother Marcus, whose mum and pop were murdered in a home invasion years prior. The pair are sent to an orphanage, where Marcus acts out his rage on his peers and is chastised by the strict nuns and made to wear a weird mask as punishment. Years later, Marcus becomes a monster, filled with rage and hate at those he thinks gave him a raw deal and the  sister he imagines abandoned him.

The Orphan Killer arrives on December 13th, but you can pre-order this carnage-filled contemporary classic on November 11th.


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