THE WICKER MAN Director Robin Hardy Dead at 86



British filmmaker passes away at 86.

The BBC reported today that British filmmaker Robin Hardy has passed away at the age of 86.

Hardy, of course, helmed one of the greatest films – not just horror films, films period – of all time, 1973’s unforgettable folk-terror morality tale THE WICKER MAN, a picture that has endured and now commands a devoted international cult fanbase.

He followed that film years later with 2011’s saucy companion film THE WICKER TREE.

He was planning a third installment of the pagan horror series, partially as a tribute to his friend and THE WICKER MAN star, Sir Christopher Lee.

SHOCK will be watching THE WICKER MAN today in honor of Hardy’s memory.

We send our love to his family, friends and those who knew him best.

RIP Robin Hardy.

And here, for your eyes and ears, is “Willow’s Song”.

For our money, the most sensual and mesmerizing scene in film history.