Exclusive: German Horror Short HADES Gets a Prequel in TLMEA



Austrian filmmaker Kevin Kopacka returns with surreal horror prequel TLMEA.

Last year we raved about a German short horror film called HADES, directed by Austrian filmmaker Kevin Kopacka, a nightmarish descent into literal hell, painted with an abstract brush.

Now Kopacka is in the process of editing an even more hallucinatory prequel to HADES called TLMEA.

The name TLMEA refers to the Ptolomea, the mythical river of ice in the ninth circle of hell. Here the traitors are forever frozen, helpless and unable to move.


The original cast of HADES reprise their characters, M. (Anna Heidegger) , Schweitzer (Cris Kotzen) and Iman Rezai as Charon.

TLMEA tells the story of two undercover cops, Schweitzer and Nordmann (the latter played by author H.K. DeWitt) trapped in a dream during a drug raid, in which they descend into the 9th circle of hell.

The film also features acclaimed European rapper Ufo361 and contemporary artist Jonas Hofrichter.

TLMEA is aiming to be finished by June, where it will do a quick festival run.

Hopefully, after that run, we can premiere it here.

In the meantime, check out the delirious, dark trailer…

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