Stills and Trailer for Nightmarish HADES Prequel TLMEA


German horror prequel is even eerier than its predecessor.

Last year, we reviewed writer/director Kevin Kopacka’s mesmerizing short German film HADES, the hallucinatory no-budget arthouse horror movie that saw a woman crossing the river Styx, in this case, a shithole apartment lit like the set of SUSPIRIA, situated in the ether.

Now, Kopacka has re-assembled the cast of HADES for an even more stylish and ambitious prequel, called TLMEA, the story of two undercover cops trapped in a dream during a drug raid, in which they descend into the 9th circle of hell. Divided into chapters (like HADES) and driven by pulverizing electronic music, TLMEA in many ways the film feels like a less sickening, more Michael Mann-informed quote on the recent Turkish masterpiece BASKIN.

Both pictures aim to disorient their viewers and succeed smashingly in doing so.


The name TLMEA refers to the Ptolomea, the mythical river of ice in the ninth circle of hell. Here the traitors are for ever frozen, helpless and unable to move.

The original cast of HADES reprise their characters, M. (Anna Heidegger) , Schweitzer (Cris Kotzen) and Iman Rezai as Charon.

Check out the trailer below and the exclusive stills below that.

Kopacka is a real deal talent to watch and we’re serious fans of the man. Find him on Facebook.




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