YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT! (Not Really, But Check Out This Teaser Trailer)


SHOCK threatens readers while premiering new trailer for short horror film YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT.

I’m the ultimate patsy when it comes to Spanish genre movies – always have been, always will be – whether it be Jaume Balagueró’s rage-fuelled [REC] franchise, Alejandro Amenábar’s snuff shocker, THESIS, or Narciso Ibáñez Serrador’s demon seed shocker, WHO CAN KILL A CHILD.

If the first teaser for Sergio Morcillo’s (METAMORPHOSE) short film, YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT, is anything to go by, here’s another fine example of a disgustingly talented Spaniard with genuine genre blood running through his veins. Promising an erotic ’70s giallo spin on slasher tropes, the teaser instantly evokes flashbacks of [REC]’s vest-clad reporter, Ángela Vidal, in a setting bearing an uncanny resemblance to the ill-fated abode which featured heavily in Miguel Ángel Vivas’ brutal home invasion flick, KIDNAPPED; not in the least bit surprising considering the talented team involved.

Penned by Álvaro Fuentes, inspired by an original concept from the tormented minds of Morcillo and Ismael de las Heras, YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT is presented by the aforementioned Miguel Ángel Vivas, who most recently directed Matthew Fox and Jeffrey Donovan in the icy tundra-set zombie flick, EXTINCTION. Aside from Vivas’ involvement, audiences can expect gore galore as the [REC] effects team, Inside FX, are on board and ready to paint the set red.

Released under the Terror Club and Fonofox banners and blessed with a stellar Spanish cast, including Mónica Aragón, Antonio Zancada, and Rafa Casette, YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT is shot entirely in English and clearly boasts the production values of any big-budget genre flick of late.

Speaking with SHOCK, Morcillo pointed out just how much this latest venture means to him: “Just getting the chance to work with Miguel Ángel Vivas has served as a master class in every sense of the word. And I got to live my dream: to work with one of Spain’s top directors in the business right now.”

To date, the short screened at Madrid’s CortomaÑia short film festival last week but we hope to see it cropping up on the international circuit any time soon. In the meanwhile, here’s the first teaser trailer… Let us know your thoughts…

Here’s the official synopsis:

A woman enjoys the pleasure of a hot bath while enjoying her own body. A call from a stranger interrupts the peace. The worst night of her life has begun with just a few simple words; “You’re gonna die tonight.”


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