Get Jealous! SHOCK Shares Some Awesome ASH VS. EVIL DEAD Promo Swag!



SHOCK decides to torture readers by revealing ultra-cool ASH VS. EVIL DEAD promo swag.

If you’re as stoked as we are about the impending run of the new STARZ series ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, you might get a kick out of the kick-ass promotional package the company is currently sending out to media outlets.

For those of you not in the know, when a film studio has a product they want to push, they tend to pull out all stops. With media outlets saturated with titles trying to get attention, the marketing department’s job is to slap us into a state of excitement, so we put pen to page and finger tips to keys and scribble about their stuff.

Well. STARZ’s nifty ASH VS. EVIL DEAD promo pack arrived today and man…it sure as Hell worked on this writer!

A full color, glossy magazine printed on hard paper stock (which we can’t show much of here due to an agreed embargo that forbids us from revealing plot points) is a thing of beauty and even contains the first two episodes of the show on a DVD. But the real treasure is the accompanying, gorgeously designed pop-up book, with Ash and the Deadites jumping right at the reader in full 3D.

Have a look:





Now, of course, these products are not for public consumption so sharing them is beyond sadistic of us.


The Bruce Campbell/Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert backed ASH VS. THE EVIL DEAD premieres on STARZ on October 31st, Halloween. Again, we’re not allowed to speak on specific details about the show yet but all we will say is that, after seeing the first two episodes…this is EVIL DEAD 4. Real deal, Raimi-cam EVIL DEAD awesomeness.

Check back here on October 19th for a full review of the show.


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