Cherry Tree: Exclusive Pics from Witchy Fantasia Premiere



One of the most anticipated films at Montreal’s currently-on Fantasia International Film Festival is Cherry Tree. The long-awaited new movie from David Keating, whose Irish chiller Wake Wood found itself one of the more under-appreciated contemporary horror films, Cherry Tree keeps the Irish setting and occult vibes for a folk horror tale of rural witchcraft and deals with the dark side. In anticipation of its world premiere on Saturday, July 25th, Shock Till You Drop presents three exclusive looks at the film, starring Soulmate‘s Anna Walton. 

In Cherry Tree, “Legends have it that the Irish town of Orchard was once terrorized by a coven of witches, seeking to bring the son of Satan to Earth. When one of them tried to betray the Dark Lord himself, the coven crashed and burned… though some believe its legacy persists in the deep underground, at the roots of a large and looming cherry tree. Flash forward to the present day: Faith (newcomer Naomi Battrick) learns that her father is dying from leukemia. Her day-to-day crumbles, but thankfully, her new field hockey-coach Sissy (Walton, Hellboy II) proves supportive… if a little forthcoming and, come to think of it, a bit off. As her father’s health deteriorates, Faith learns to know Sissy a little better, only to discover she isn’t who she says she is. In fact, Sissy offers Faith a mutually beneficial deal she cannot refuse…”

Kvlt atmosphere and Irish witchcraft hopefully make a must-see. Cherry Tree, directed by Keating and produced by Ireland’s Fantastic Films (The HallowLet Us Prey) and Dark Sky, premieres tomorrow at 9:45 p.m. in Fantasia’s J.A. De Seve Theatre, with an encore screening on July 31st. For full details and more, visit Fantasia


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