Alleluia Exclusive Clip: A Warped Devotion is Born



Fabrice du Welz, the Belgian filmmaker behind the captivating Calvaire and Vinyan returns this month with Alleluia. Loosely based on the exploits of the Lonely Hearts Killers, du Welz’s mystic, morbid love story is an incredible, mad portrait of devotion and murder. Shock Till You Drop presents an exclusive clip from the stunner, an intimate moment in which a warped bond is born. 

In Alleluia, “Michel (Laurent Lucas, With a Friend Like Harry and Calvaire) is a born womanizer and professional hustler with a penchant for wooing lonely, vulnerable widows and divorcees.  When he meets introverted single mom Gloria (Lola Dueñas, Volver and I’m So Excited!) online and treats her to an electrifying first date, she’s left completely smitten. Michel tries to swindle what he can out of the one-night stand, but his latest victim has other plans. Basking in the rush of new love, she frantically pursues him, witnessing the true depths of his depravity and offering herself as an accomplice in his seductive crimes. Having truly met their match in each other, the unhinged lovers embark on a deadly odyssey amplified by wild sex, unbridled jealousy, and passionate forays into the dark arts.”

This is a mesmerizing film, with unbelievable performances (especially from Dueñas) and a wonderful, dark grasp from du Welz. It’s just terrific to have du Welz back on the scene, and his latest may be his best. You can see Alleluia now in New York, Pasadena, Chicago, Austin and Wilmington. The film is also available on VOD and Digital Download. For more on the film, see Ryan Turek’s review here