Fantastic Fest Review: Alleluia Smothers You With Tough Love

Love is a crazy thing. Sometimes it can be sweet and tender, other times an all-consuming nightmare. Alleluia presents a deadly love affair that is a smothering and exhaustive experience. It begins with good intentions then reveals a dark underbelly that sends its audience down one messed up rabbit hole of obsession, fetishes and dependency issues. Director Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire) blindsides you with his aesthetic decisions making Alleluia one nutty, enthralling experience.

Gloria (Lola Duenas) is a single mom who is fitfully putting herself back out on the dating market. We know little about her previous relationship, but it really, really did not go well.

Alleluia Trailer Debut from the Director of Calvaire, See It Fantastic Fest!

Fabrice Du Welz got our attention with the disturbing film Calvaire. He followed that up with Vinyan, which garnered a tepid response, still, Du Welz proved to be a filmmaker to watch.

His next film, Alleluia, arrives in the States via Fantastic Fest next month and, today, we have an international trailer to share with you.
StudioCanal UK is handling distribution overseas and provides us with this synopsis…

Fantastic Fest 2014 Wave 1 Films Revealed: Tusk, VHS Viral, Horsehead & More!

This is going to be an incredible year for Fantastic Fest. It’s the 10th anniversary, also, the event is returning to the all-new Alamo South Lamar and Highball. If you recall, Fantast Fest took a break from that location because it was being totally rebuilt.
I’ll be heading down for the fest which takes place September 18-25th in Austin, Texas. Today, the first wave of films has been revealed.

Before I share those with you, check out that FF poster art by none other than Geoff Darrow.