Bryan Fuller Reveals Details, Directors of Hannibal, Season 3



Seasons One & Two of Bryan Fuller’s terrific Hannibal took their episode titles from the courses of elaborate, traditional French and Japanese meals, respectively. What country’s culinary tour do we get in its impending third season? And who might be helming the episodes its named after? 

Hannibal creator Fuller took to Twitter and revealed acclaimed genre filmmaker Vincenzo Natali (Cube, Splice) returns to the series after directing the eighth and tenth episodes of Season Two (“Su-zakana,” “Naka-Choko”). Fuller says Natali has directed the first three episodes of Season Three, titled “Antipasto,” “Primavera” and “Secondo.” The filmmaker also noted the opener (“Antipasto”) will take place “over four different periods of time.”

Which means we’ll likely see Will Graham’s future sooner than expected. It was previously reported the season’s eighth episode would jump quite a few years to catch us up with Will Graham, his wife and the arrival of Francis Dollarhyde for the series’ adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon. It seems that arrival is in good hands as Fuller also tweeted out this episode, titled “The Great Red Dragon” is the one directed by Neil Marshall, who of course brought us The Descent and stunning installments of Game of Thrones.

Hannibal returns June 4th. [via Bloody D]