Netflix Horrors: The Latest Titles Added to Instant


Netflix Instant

Netflix Horrors is a regular column in which Shock Till You Drop alerts you to the latest genre titles to hit the VOD service. For our archive of titles, head right here

Today brings only one major update as far as contemporary genre, but the film is a dizzying digital thriller, to be sure. Find it, and a selection of recent catalog adds, below. 


Open Windows — Nacho Vigalondo is something else. From the unbearably tense, yet totally delightful short 7:35 in the Morning through beloved time travel thriller Timecrimes and the sadly overlooked sci-fi relationship dark comedy, Extraterrestrial, the director’s films are entirely unique. His latest is no different. A polarizing affair, Open Windows is nonetheless an ambitious, dense work that features an urgent lead performance from Elijah Wood as well as Vigalondo doling out visual madness and dexterity (it all takes place on a laptop screen), while wrestling with his own notions of invasion of privacy and the treatment of celebrities and women in film.


Housebound — Added just over a week ago, Gerard Johnson’s New Zealand horror-comedy is wonderful. It was one of the best of 2014, a bloody, rich, silly mystery with an incredible cast.

Catalog titles back on the service include Paul W.S. Anderson’s space horror fave Event Horizon, the terrific artful serial killer story Perfume, Eddie Murphy/Wes Craven picture Vampire in Brooklyn, nonsensical post-Scream slasher Soul Survivors and Dorian Walker’s cult jam, Teen Witch. You should see how funky it is.