First Photo: Olivia Wilde in Flatliners-esque The Lazarus Effect


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I couldn’t tell you if Flatliners is terrifically underrated, or if I just like it a lot. I can tell you that films in the vein of it (as simple as medical students experimenting, which just goes right back to Frankenstein) are very welcome. How fortuitous then that February brings David Gelb’s The Lazarus Effect, starring Mark Duplass, Donald Glover, Evan Peters and Olivia Wilde as a group of medical students who experiment with resurrecting the dead.  

Lazarus is directed by David Gelb, who was most recently acclaimed for doc Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Here, he works with horror producer extraordinaire Jason Blum, who tells EW that Gelb had “a really unique take on bringing someone back from the dead.” Blum also fleshes out the plot a bit, which sees one of the students die and her peers attempt to revive her “And it works. She comes back to life, but she comes back to life as not the woman that she was when she died.” 

The Lazarus Effect is in theaters February 27th from Relativity. 

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