6 Times Universal’s Classic Movie Monsters Became Superheroes


Much has been written over the weekend about a recent roundtable discussion that was published within the Hollywood Reporter recently. During the talk, Universal’s Donna Langley explained the studio’s vision for the upcoming reboot of the classic movie monsters. Needless to say, monster kids and horror fans were not happy.

“We don’t have any capes [in our film library],” Langley said. “But what we do have is an incredible legacy and history with the monster characters. We’ve tried over the years to make monster movies — unsuccessfully, actually. So, we took a good, hard look at it, and we settled upon an idea, which is to take it out of the horror genre, put it more in the action-adventure genre and make it present day, bringing these incredibly rich and complex characters into present day and reimagine them and reintroduce them to a contemporary audience.”

So, as predicted in Shock’s review of Dracula Untold, a new era of “superhero monsters” is on the way.

However, this isn’t the first time the classic monsters have been depicted in an adventurous, heroic light. Below, we break it down with six examples and, as you will see, it’s all kids fare which I suppose gives you an idea as to the demographic Universal is going to cater to with its upcoming shared monsterverse.


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