Mignola Preps Frankenstein Underground for 2015 Release

In 2015 Dark Horse Comics will publish Frankenstein Underground, a new five-issue miniseries written by best-selling comic book creator Mike Mignola, with covers by Mignola and interior art by acclaimed artist Ben Stenbeck (Baltimore).

The miniseries follows the Frankenstein monster, who is alone, abandoned, and wandering underground, where he discovers both other monsters and the dark secrets to the universe.


In an unrelated post today Deadline dropped the news that “Fargo” executive producer Noah Hawley will be scripting one of […]

Editorial: What Does a Shared Universe Mean for the Universal Monsters?

I love me some Universal classic monsters. They were my gateway drug to horror. My original boogeymen. My safety blanket growing up. And now they’re reportedly getting the “shared universe” treatment, meaning, we’ll see a string of films go into production that will act separately but sprinkle seeds that they’re part of an interconnected, creature-filled world. Will they build to an event film a la The Avengers? Perhaps, and I have my suspicions as to what that will be.

Let me throw out some thoughts knocking around in my head about this whole venture spearheaded by Alex Kurtzman, Chris Moore and Universal.

Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan Developing Cinematic Universe for Classic Universal…

To file under “news we’ve told you about before, but with a slight change”…
Way back in October of last year, before their amicable split, screenwriter Roberto Orci hinted that he and partner Alex Kurtzman were trying to envision of a way to bring all of the classic Universal monsters together to form a cohesive cinematic universe, not unlike what Marvel and DC have done.

Today, almost nine months later to the date, Deadline reports that Kurtzman and “The Fast and the Furious” producer Chris Morgan will be spearheading this effort going forward.

[Cover Art Gallery] Universal’s Monsters Return to Blu-ray & DVD

Universal is exhuming its classic monster “legacy” collections. These collections – which culled all of the Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Mummy and Wolf Man films – were once first made available on DVD many, many, many years ago and never re-released. You can find them online, but they fetch a high price.

On September 2nd, however, you’ll be able to get them again…but still only on DVD, which is disappointing because I would love to own all of the “legacy” films on Blu-ray. Universal is issuing each legacy collection separately or in a giant box set.

Also on September 2nd, you’ll have a chance to buy the classic titles separately on Blu-ray and DVD. I’ve collected all of the package art for you here.

Launch GalleryRead
Check Out Rick Baker’s First Wolfman Personal Makeup Test

It’s “follow Friday” over at Twitter, so why not take a moment to throw some love Rick Baker’s way. If you’re on Twitter, you should be following the FX maestro’s account. There, he posts pics of early works and other side projects he tinkers around with. I bring this up today because Baker took a moment this morning to post something you may or may not have seen before: An early Wolfman test make-up that he applied on himself.

Baker says he did this months before they began filming.

1985 Flashback! That Time Vincent Price Looked Back on The Exorcist, Frankenstein

?Hey, remember when Vincent Price was hired to play host to a few horror-related segments on Entertainment Tonight? I don’t, but apparently he did back in 1985. That was when the evening, long-running entertainment show decided to reflecting on the “masters of horror” and enlisted Price to carry audiences through a series of retrospectives.

Frankenstein Created Woman and We’ve Got An Exclusive Card Plus Screening…

The Hammer Films cult classic Frankenstein Created Woman is making its way to Blu-ray on January 28th courtesy of Millennium Entertainment and we have an exclusive collector’s card to show off to you that will be included in those who pick up the presentation. In addition to this, we wanted to inform you that the film will screen for free at the Jumpcut Cafe (13203 Ventura Blvd, Studio City) – the place where we co-host Dead Right Horror Trivia Night each month!