8 Times Freddy Krueger Wasn’t Played by Robert Englund in the Nightmare on Elm Street Films



When you hear the name Freddy Krueger, the first thing that comes to mind is most likely another name: Robert Englund.  

One of the things that makes Freddy unique in the world of horror villains is that he was always played by Englund, in each and every film of the original Nightmare on Elm Street franchise – and even in Freddy’s long awaited cinematic battle with Jason Voorhees. Well, for the most part, at least…

Though Robert Englund of course played Freddy in 99.9% of the character’s appearances in the franchise, there are actually a handful of other actors, stand-ins and stuntmen that helped bring Freddy to life, for various different moments in the films.

Today, as we celebrate the original film’s 30th anniversary this week, we give those folks some credit where credit is due.

Here are eight other people who portrayed Freddy Krueger, throughout the years – Jackie Earle Haley not included!