More Sleep Paralysis Fears to Come in ‘Slumber’


file_16985_0_afm2011Jonathan Hopkins is set to direct Slumber based on a script by Richard Hobley and Hopkins. Goldcrest will co-produce supernatural thriller Slumber, alongside The Tea Shop & Film Company’s Mark Lane and James Harris. 

Slumber tells the story of Alice, a rationally minded sleep doctor, who is forced to abandon scientific reason and accept a family is being terrorised by a parasitic demon which has existed in every human culture since records began. Paralyzing victims as they sleep, the ‘Night Hag’ is the original Nightmare. 

Shooting is expected to begin early next year.

Sleep paralysis also plays a part in the thriller Mara which was announced a year ago and was set to star Olga Kurylenko. But again, that was a year ago and we haven’t heard anything further about the project.

Slumber - AFM poster

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