An American Guinea Pig Series is Being Made – Can You Stomach the Grisly Trailer?


American Guinea PigThe notorious Guinea Pig film series is apparently paving the wave for an American counterpart entitled, appropriately, American Guinea Pig: Bouquet of Guts and Gore. When an e-mail about the trailer floated my way, the “Plot Outline” simply read: “Death.” Fair enough. And the trailer? It delivers on that.

It’s rather cold and crude, as it should be I suppose, and it features a trio of dudes taking bodies apart. The preview comes across as more of an impressive, albeit hyper violent, special FX demo reel (in this case for Marcus Koch). In the director’s seat you have Stephen Biro and, more interestingly, the one carrying the director of photography credit is The Manson Family‘s Jim Van Bebber.

There were several entries in the original Guinea Pig series. Bouquet of Guts and Gore represents chapter one of this new installment.

The original series – which began with The Devil’s Experiment and included Flower of Flesh and BloodMermaid in a Manhole and others – was surrounded with controversy throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The makers were investigated by the FBI and they had to prove that everything depicted in the series was done with special effects. They’re definitely an acquired taste, that’s for sure.

American Guinea Pig is a Unearthed Films production. No word yet as to when the first entry will be released.

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