20 of the Most Lurid Horror Movie VHS Box Covers Ever!


7. Nightmare Maker

The days of VHS box art were a beautiful thing. Home video hit hard and fast and seemingly overnight. Video stores started popping up everywhere. In the early days of home video, they didn’t try to sell you who was in it, that didn’t matter yet.

Films were about films…not who was in them. With an abundance of titles in the market, the question quickly became, “How do we stand out and get noticed?” The answer: Male the box art so tantalizing, so lurid, that you can’t believe exists. You would never pick up a DVD or Blu-ray nowadays that would show you or tell you the things that distribution did back in the day to get you to rent their flick.

What we’re going to look at is 20 of the most lurid, seedy, and yes, tantalizing VHS cover art to grace the horror genre. They are in loose order, but since everyone has different lines, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Let’s try a little something fun while we are at it. While you are looking at these, imagine you have a $100.00 bill in your pocket. At $79.99 to $99.99 for the average VHS, these cost some serious money even by today’s standards. It wasn’t until 1986 that prices really started to drop into the $20.00 range.

Let me know which films you think you would have bought in the comments box below.

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