Lunaris Records Puts Street Trash OST Up for Pre-Order


Lunaris RecordsLunaris Records landed on our radar when it announced a Witchboard 7″ soundtrack release along with some Night of the Demons goodies. Those are now available in the company’s store here. Today, I’m here to tell you that Lunaris’ soundtrack release of Street Trash is now up for pre-order.

You can buy it on CD, cassette or vinyl. I ran into a Lunaris rep at Comic-Con and he gave me a CD and, I have to say, I forgot how much fun this score is. The hilarious thing about their presentation is the score is occasionally broken up by the sounds of people melting. Good stuff!

Regarding the vinyl, here are the specs:

  • 180 gram vinyl with spot-varnished jacket
  • Available editions: Toilet Blue (Lunaris only), Opaque Yellow or Black Vinyl
  • Includes insert with liner notes by composer Rick Ulfik
  • Includes the classic hit “We Do Things My Way” written by acclaimed music producer Tony Camillo and performed by actor Tony Darrow
  • Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin

Yes, that “We Do Things My Way” track is a hoot as well. 

Here’s that link again to Lunaris. Go add this one to your collection!

And keep your eyes peeled to Shock for more info on Lunaris’ future releases. I’m looking forward to what they’re doing next.